Friday, February 18, 2011

Beer Tickers: Right, the title brought a big question mark for me, too. With Mrs. B working a night, she'd Sky+'d Emmerdale to see that bent, arsonist, detective being caught, and the ghost story drama, Marchlands.
Alan R. Bennett's 'Dorset Journey' book beckoned with its welcoming finger, but a quick slouch in the armchair with the remote found Mariella Frostrup's 'The Book Show.' Never enough about books and writing on TV, this is a must if remembered. Despite my invitation to appear having been lost in the post after my publisher sent a copy of 'Bournemouth Rocks!', clearly, Mariella, despite being married to ex-The Skids Richard Jobson for a few years, is now bereft of a rock 'n' roll heart.
But a rough old rocker like me wouldn't have fitted the continual line-up of throw-away young male and female writers, the chaff amongst classic authors like P.D. James and Terry Pratchett; amongst many other literary greats. (Their iplayer is worth a look for black leather jacketed history glamour girl, Bettany Hughes.)
On last evening's show, Wendy Holden was annoying, with two 'basically's' in the first half-minute, (when are they going to issue fines for saying that blasted word!), whilst constantly flicking her whispy hair; and Anthony Quinn, who has a desperate need to attend interviewee classes. He came over as a meek and pitiful character with no confidence, and if I had £1 for every 'Ummm' he uttered, I could have retired tomorrow.
But having weathered the up-and-coming achievers, we were then treated to some class, with 80 year old author, Edna O'Brien, who talked more sense, with no spluttering or annoying adjectives; a perfect model of how her co-conspirator's should have behaved.
As Sky Arts is also a great music channel, The Great British Invasion: Gerry & The Pacemakers was the next enjoyable hour. Their songs have weathered the test of time, and I didn't realise what a great guitarist Gerry is, or how many hits they enjoyed.
9pm. What is there to fill this hour? Hmm.
Beer Tickers.
What the heck's that all about?
It's modern-day trainspotting. Travelling the UK (and the world) sampling real ale, and keeping a log of every brew, and 'ticking' your log book to say you've tried it. The website above will tell you more, it looks a great hobby.