Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Does Anyone Know: Who came up with the idea of putting pink shirts, pink sweaters, and pink ties on sale for men to buy?
Men are happily wearing these things, and Mrs. B said: "Perhaps their wife bought it for them?"
Well, if Mrs. B tried it, she would need the receipt to take them straight back again for a refund.
As infants in the pram, the sex of the child is made obvious by dressing them in pink, or blue.
Pink is for girls!
Blue is for boys!
Why do presumably heterosexual males want, or feel inclined to; wear pink?
Well, I suppose they must feel comfortable, and someone has to buy them. But they are like garlick to a vampire in the world of us rockers.
Black is beautiful, and a Motorhead t-shirt of yore bore the legend: Good Guys Wear Black.