Friday, January 28, 2011

Mick Stevenson's 'Collectors Guide': After Amazon wiping any release info about Mick's book from their web page, and many of you asking after it; I asked my buddy what was going on?
"Cherry Red felt there was enough happening with Motorhead at the moment, what with superb Classic Rock magazine and album, the album itself, and 'Lemmy the Movie.' So they are looking at a March-time publication date, and this will enable the latest info on 'The World Is Yours' and 'Lemmy The Movie' to be included, and then it will be bang up to date."
There you jolly well go, and it will be worth the wait.
Had it been published back in July 2010 as planned, it would have missed that latest flurry of releases. As things are, the book will be 'current' for the next couple of years at least, as far as official Motorhead releases are concerned.
Must emphasise again NOT to order from some would-be/wide-boy entrepreneur on EBay giving the impression he/she has copies in stock. He/she WILL NOT get copies early regardless of what bullshine they give. Make sure you order from a reputable source, such as Amazon, or indeed, from the horse's mouth, the Cherry Red site itself.