Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Thin Lizzy - 'Bad Reputation': documentary shown on BBC4TV on Friday evening was excellent. Not their biggest fan, it was enjoyable to watch, regardless. Robbo was as honest as ever, and seeing Ted Carroll, one of Lizzy's managers, for the first time, was also interesting. As you know, Ted also played a large part in the early Motorhead story, but seeing someone is always better than just knowing their name.
Always a huge record collector, Ted was a bus driver in Bournemouth, 8 miles away from here. Collecting moved on to his opening a record shop in London, and from there, owning Chiswick Records; and you know the story from there.
It's probably on the BBC iplayer if you missed it.

Eric sent this link-
With the charts filled with X-Factor-like s**t, does the rock world really want to compete with such dross?
I think we are better left to our own devices.