Saturday, November 20, 2010

Motorhead - '7 Deadly Shows': Well, not sure what this is all about or if it's legit? But I hope the set was / is changed freqently to keep it interesting - some of the shows have yet to be played...
Thanks to MHB Michael Hannon of American Dog in Ohio for sending the news. Will post more details as and when they come through.

And Amazon have just emailed to say 'The World is Yours' Limited Edition CD with 'Classic Rock Presents Motorhead' magazine is now set for release on January 19th 2011.

MHB Jon Jago emailed to say he thinks they have confused the Limited Edition with the normal album release.
Well, if they have, F**k 'em.
I cancelled it and re-ordered with HMV, who are still offering it on the December 14th release date, and with FREE POSTAGE!!!

A review of the Glasgow show -