Monday, November 15, 2010

Fanzine 89: A mild flurry of activity to get things sewn up and to the print shop. MHB's photographer general, Henri Clausel, had been to the Aberdeen and Glasgow shows, and had some up-to-date shots to slip in at the 11th hour.
Digital printing is new to everyone, and recent lessons have been learned which will make our fanzine look just a little bit different to the usual format. This only means that Page 2 will now be Page 3, and the exterior and interior (pages 2 and 19) covers will now be in colour. The centrefold, (pages 9,10,11 & 12) will be colour as before, and the balance will be in black and white.
This has come about as 2 colour sides can be printed together, but one side colour and one side black and white have to go through the machinery twice. So doing things the new way makes things less labour-intensive, and thus, less expensive.
I feel sure many will hardly notice the difference, and others not care just as long as the fanzine drops through their letter box.