Sunday, November 07, 2010

'The World Is Yours' Fan Pack: Webmaster Sarmad has placed a Link on the opening page of for you to pre-order the fan pack. It is also in the Fan Club section, same thing, just there if anyone misses it 1st time.
We need to try and get Motorhead higher than Slash's 30,000 sales, so pre-book today. Let's show the world just how much we are gagging for this album!
The only way, apparently, to get it via a newsagents is if you get 'Classic Rock' magazine on a regular basis. Most rock fans do, but if you're buying it as a one-off, (or maybe even if you have a sub, as it's a special edition?), you might need to pre-order.
The album itself, without the Fan Pack, will be released on January 17th, and who can wait that long?
I have been informed that the band recorded a video in London last week for the single, which will be the 'Born To Lose' track.
The single and the album will be released on the band's own 'Motorhead Music' label, which is why the album is out late for the UK leg of the tour, due to setting everything up, leglities; etc. However, Mikkey has said that we will get 2 or 3 new songs from the album live at the shows as tasters, so can't complain there.

I didn't realise until today, that Phil recorded his guitar parts in Wales as his father was ill, and sadly, eventually passed away.
RIP Jack Campbell.