Friday, August 14, 2009

Bloatermog On The Horizon: My PC repair man will be here on Sunday to fix this piece of kit, (or should that be minus the 'k' and add 'sh'?), so I will be able to visit the Message Board again to find out what's been posted?
Meanwhile, the 'Bournemouth Rocks!' book is doing very well, and the local major bookshops have stock ready for a local 'Daily Echo' interview / plug in Monday's edition. Gleefully held whilst being thumbed through by one bookshop manager, who said "Wow! This is totally unique! A first for the Bournemouth area!"
And he's right!
With regard to the book, (see for Link), the copy of the Motorhead poster for the band's gig in Boscombe in 1989 will be removed for the 2nd print run, as the text covers the years 1960 to 1980, so it's historically incorrect! Apologies! It will be replaced with memorabilia from their 1978 Poole Arts Centre gig.