Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bloatermog Bernie Tormes GMT / Dead Lettuce: Champions, Bournemouth, July 15th 2009: Obviously hard-up for a band name, Dead Lettuce were well received by the Champions' punters. With not a Beatles' chord to be heard, they ploughed through their rock / grunge set with Seattle power chords aplenty. 'Electric Moustache' was a highlight amongst a set of songs mostly of 4 to 5 minute duration.
It has long been an ambition to see Bernie Torme play live, and with Champions the first venue in Bournemouth with the intelligence to book them, it meant we didn't have to travel miles to see this amazing 'rock supergroup.' Ex- Bruce Dickinson's band, drummer Robin Guy is certainly up there in the Top 5 of his profession; and the familiar figure, shaven head, large beard and sunglasses of ex-Gillan's John McCoy is quite some bassist; his sound as stout and loud as the man himself, whilst also being highly inventive.
In the absence of Jimi Hendrix, for me, Bernie Torme captures THE MAN'S essence better than any other living guitarist; Slim from The Hamsters inlcuded. Bernie doesn't copy Jimi as much as use everything he has learned and made it into his own style. And again, like THE MAN, he plays with that same ease as if the guitar has always been a part of him.
We were treated to many of the tracks from GMT's two superb albums, 'Bitter & Twisted' and 'Evil Twin,' and to round off; encores of 'Smoke On The Water,' and a nod to Bernie's heritage with Ozzy's 'Mr. Crowley.'
GMT are LOUD and the adrenaline was pumping right from the start, and I can only recommend they are added to every rock fans' 'Bands I Must Go And See Live Before I (Or They) Die' list.
An absolute privilege to see them playing in Bournemouth.
Top Notch!