Friday, September 28, 2007

Motorblog Load Of Old Tatt!: Did you see 'London Ink'? It was OK, no 'Miami Ink' by any stretch, and the bird on there no Kat Von D. The 'Grafiti' (you see, there's another not in the dictionary! See Billy Connoly Blog last week!), trained guy looks like a slightly older Vivian (Adrian Edmonson) from 'The Young Ones,' the American, well, not decided as he tatt'd a bird's feet, and of course, it f***ing well hurt, so judgement reserved. The Boss, who's fame is with him because he tatt'd David Beckham, is OK, and has the others on tenterhooks, (and started his own 'must watch' soap opera), because he wants them to broaden their skills rather than keep specialising in their chosen designs.
It was OK, but I don't believe Miami Ink has any concerns about it putting them off the TV or, indeed, out of business. In fact, now Kat Von D has left the shop, in tears, and moved back to LA, (which I believe was just concocted to enable her start up her own shop and another TV programme, which, [no surprises here] will probably be called 'LA INK'); as after all, she is exceptionally talented and cannot be left to go to waste.