Sunday, June 17, 2012

Odd Times.

Due to the May postage increases here in the UK, with regret, the Subscription Reminder Service has ceased due to the extra costs now involved.
It was part of the Fan Club service for the last 2 or 3 years, but for the 30 years before that, everyone somehow managed to remember for themselves. MHB Peder Lundin's suggestion of noting the expiry date on your mobile phone / cell diary seems to be the best idea. Or tuck your ID Card somewhere handy.

Whilst it can be understood that the Post Office lost revenue due to email, this logical mind seems to think that the shortfall would have been made up by the revenue spent by Amazon and EBay sellers.

Meanwhile, either way, your Fan Club continues, and my thanks to those who have sent or promised gig reviews from the recent Motorhead festival appearances and forthcoming American tour. Thus, Issue 94 is taking shape for August publication as ever, and is still open for contributions. For 33 years there was always be a stack of letters for publication, and now, suddenly, it has stopped, and I can't think why?