Saturday, May 05, 2012

Sons Of Anarchy

This was / is a TV series which I originally took little notice of. But our son Steve got into it through a friend loaning him the Series 1 DVD box set around Xmas time. Since then, he hasn't shut the f**k up about it, and kept showing me 'Sons Of Anarchy' T-shirts, memorabilia and suchlike, on EBay, so Mrs. B and I relented, (being as there's so much crap on TV, anyway), to watch the first 4 episodes of Season 1. By now, you'll gather that Steve has bought the DVD's of Seasons 1 to 4.
Well, as Motorhead fans, we are almost by default bikers, bike fans, biker lifestyle fans, looking to ride the open highway when we retire; or whatever. So this series of DVD's is like a 'must-see,' if you like, and now I'm here scratching my head wondering why it took Steve's unrelenting dogged persistance to get us to sit and watch a darned good, if not knockout TV series.
It's brilliant!
Great acting, great characters, great stories, and I heartily recommend it.