Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Joel McIver's - 'Motorhead - The Untold Story': Has been on the Amazon Motorhead book listings for some time now. The publication date has been and still is 3rd May 2011. Yet this morning an email arrived saying that date has been put back.
This isn't surprising, as it was just a week or so ago when rock photographer, George Chinn, made contact to say that he had been approached to provide pictures for a Motorhead book, and was it mine? I told George that it wasn't, and the only other one I could think of was Joel's, which is coming through Chris Charlesworth's Omnibus Books.
So Joel's 'unofficial' Motorhead book is still being prepared, and knowing how the industry works, we are going to have to wait perhaps another couple of months.
Meanwhile, a pre-ordered copy sits on my Amazon purchases file awaiting publication, when my card will be charged, and a copy will be winging its way to my letterbox.
I feel sure that it will be an interesting book, although the title is just a little bit over ambitious.