Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yes, I Have Been Rather Lax: Didn't I tell you Facebook would take its toll? Well, that's a small part of it. Also, there are some family health problems, (issues, but I hate the word), going on which have drained the impetus temporarily.
The proposed publisher of a Motorhead book also pulled out after 10 months, and again, this took away the impetus, although it shouldn't have.
The lack of that Motorhead book was a relief more than a drag, and things only came to a head when a contract was insisted upon. Every book has to have a contract between author and publisher, so what the thinking was here I am not too sure? But I insisted, as we were quite a way through the machinations, and they deemed to drop it in preference.
Most odd.
But another Motorhead book, which has been in the works since March 2010, will be with us during the summer months.
More news on that as and when it happens, but they are sending proofs, so we are getting there.