Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Nicky Horne Interview - In 1983, when this interview took place, it was rare that Lemmy, or indeed Motorhead as a whole, were treated to 'in-depth' interviews. So fans sat in front of the TV with the VHS tape loaded, to watch a programme called 'Ear-Say,' where this was aired, ready to record this rare event. Now, through the leaping advances in technology, it's on You Tube; and those festering tapes have become redundant.
It was the best Lemmy interview bar none, and it still stands up today, as do indeed his opinions, which have not changed.
Lemmy told me around the time that the actual interview lasted for an hour, so the remainder of this little treasure is in an archive; somewhere...gathering dust.
What a shame.

RIP - Don Partridge, the Bournemouth busker who took 'Rosie' to #1 in the charts many year's ago.