Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jimmy McCarthy's Interview: is continued here -

And the ever-poignant 'Morning Dew' by Tim Rose -

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Geoff Carter: will be the man asking me questions about the new book, 'When The Clouds Have Passed,' on Thursday 1st July at midday on local to me here in Poole. But of course, you can chewn in via the Internet anywhere in the world if you so wish.
An Interview With Jimmy: MHB James McCarthy has his Moving Like A Parlellogram Blog, which is well worth looking at regularly. We do an interview now and again, and the latest one starts here:-

Monday, June 28, 2010

'Motorheaded For A Fall' - Michael Monroe: He's the first support act to be announced for Motorhead's autumn UK tour - here's a link
Thanks to Eric for sending it.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

You Never Know: who's watching and following you, especially with the Internet and all it can display about our lives. When Sarmad gave me the website, it's either one of those things you shun or embrace; and with nothing to hide, I embraced the idea. There's lots of stuff on there, as most of you know, and Sarmad did it as an offshoot with my name on it, so it has just moved on from there.
Surprisingly, but not unsurprisingly, an old school friend, Richard (now Rick) Anstey, who lived just down the road from me here in Upton; made contact today. He's living with his family in Australia, so that was a nice thing to happen (without Facebook, too!) We have promised to meet up when he's over here again, and we will, cos I'm like that.

Enjoyed the Saxon Movie DVD, and saw a lot of friends and fellow MHB's names on the massive list at the end of it. The first disc, and the first chapter of the second disc, suffered from the sound being out of sync. Is anyone elses like this? Please let me know, Saxon should be mde aware, and exchange the dodgy ones for a decent copy.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Well, I Woke Up This Morning: with a migrane as well as Mrs. B. The migrane's seem to be caused by this Warfarin that I am now obliged to take, and certain foodstuffs don't like it, or it doesn't like them; I'm not sure which?
All week there was not a problem. To try and avoid the migranes in the future, I look for what I ate the day before. For dinner last evening I had chicken chow mein, from my usual takeaway. As onion is a no-no with Warfarin, I took out any hiding in the noodles. Everything else I ate was the same as every other day last week, except last Friday, when again I enjoyed a chicken chow mein, and had a migrane on Saturday. Warfarin doesn't like seafood, so are we now down so damned finitely that it disagrees with the oyster sauce they put in every Chinese meal?
But hey, not to worry, it's my boat to row.
Finally, the very, very, very, long-awaited Saxon DVD set, which includes a pretty fair shake of Motorhead footage by way of interview from the 2008 tour, I believe; arrived today. The running time is 6 hours, which is great value for money, and I am pleased it's here, after waiting for a ridiculous amount of holds-ups, Biff apologizing profusely, etc. With some footage from St George's Day 2010, I think that was the reason for the final hold-up; they wanted to sneak that in.
If you're thinking of getting acopy, better get one soon, as I believe the inital run is a limited edition, with loads more footage than the later release. Find it on Saxon's website.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

'Can You Dig It' - The Mock Turtles: The last of the three songs
and they all have that Nirvana opening riff, and that is their connection. Mind you, Boston were first with it, and even when Kurt Cobain brought 'Teen Spirit' to Nirvana, the rest of the band told him it was 'pinched' from 'More Than A Feeling' and they would never get away with it.
And it's there in 'Can You Dig It' too.
This is a great song, used on a Vodophone TV advert at some point, and was as such a joyous delight amidst the sea of mind-numbing dross, that it was hit all over again.

And this is 'Hero' by David Crosby with Phil Collins, for Barb, as it might create a 'tingle.' And whilst you're listening, notice the Phil Collins' version on the right of the screen.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

'Smells Like Teen Spirit' - Nirvana: A link with yesterday's Boston song? Confused? All will be explained tomorrow.

Monday, June 21, 2010

'More Than A Feeling' - Boston: This one is here as there is a connection between it and tomorrows and Wednesday's songs.

Sarmad has made a great job of the website, the Fastway box set and the new crime thriller are there now and ready to go. The old Helen Taylor magazine covers have also been included in the MHB fanzine section. Italian fan, Andrea Manca, saw some of Helen Taylor's fanzines up for grabs on EBay, and wondered what they were as they didn't correspond? So now they are all there to avoid confusion.

The Olive Knott part of the site has also been updated with her book covers, if you read that section you'll understand why I was keen to get her books noticed, 50 or so years after they were first published.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Darren Hooley - (MHB 275): Aged only 40, he died of a heart attack on June 18th. A fine young man who travelled the world following Motorhead. Our sympathy is with Darren's wife and family.

Friday, June 18, 2010

'Full Of Regret' - Danko Jones: This is the official HD video for Danko Jones' new single, featuring Lemmy Kilmister in a cameo role.
If you remember, Danko Jones were support, under Saxon, on the 2008 Motorhead UK tour. They would have been much better had there not been so much rap between the songs, which might have meant a great deal to an Americn audience, but was just a fast-talking dirge to those of us in the UK, (a pity no one told them just to introduce the song and leave it at that), but their set and the actual music they play isn't too bad. Give it a click.
My thanks to Hannes who sent the link for the vid.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

'WWLD' by Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre: Is a knockout song which MHB Paddy Campbell came across.
WWLD is short for What Would Lemmy Do? and it's a great track with some great playing by the band.
Their website is

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

'Song To The Siren' by Tim Buckley: This is the original of yesterday's ethereal and updated version.
The lyrics, which were difficult to hear in their entirety yesterday, are plain to hear on Tim's gentle outpouring, and are notated on the right if you want to read them.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

'Doctor Alibi' - Slash with Lemmy: From the Download Festival last Sunday, my good friend, Eric, found this on You Tube:-
which livens things up just a bit...
'Song To The Siren' by This Mortal Coil: who were also known as The Cocteau Twins, recorded this earthy, atmospheric, and very emotional song, which is guaranteed to give most listener's a shiver down the spine; my friend, Barb, especially, no doubt. Richard Harris' did it for her yesterday, but she had only heard Donna Summer's version before. Mr. Harris, of course, was the original and the master version.

Mick Farren: 'Rude Brittania' started with the first episode at 9pm last evening on BBC4 TV. Part 2 is on tonight, and our buddy, Mick, will be on there tomorrow (Wednesday 16th) talking about the 'Nasty Tales' comic and the 'It' obscenity trial of the 70's. Well worth watching anyway, and catch up on the BBC iplayer if you missed one or more. It's all about us rude Brit's, and how comic art and other forms of media captured our farting and belching, peeing and pooing past through the years.

Monday, June 14, 2010

'MacArthur Park' - Richard Harris: An orchestra, pomp, splendour, 7 minutes long with magnificent, if somewhat odd (but I love them) lyrics; and it was a #1 pop-pickers:
Fastway 'Steal The Show' 4 CD Deluxe Box Set: Fast Eddie Clarke is thrilled with this new release, as am I because I had the privilege of writing the liner notes.
Also fortunate for the sneak preview of the albums, and they are exellent.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Renquist V: as Mick Farren is currently referring to writing what could be the final Victor Renquist vampire story, speaks a bit more about it here on his Doc40 Blog:-
If you have not read the first four, you are doing yourself a great injustice, and the situation should be remedied as soon as possible.
'Groupie Girl' - Tony Joe White: This is another one of my scratchy old 45's which I go to the You Tube juke-box to hear again rather than dig it out of the box. Other than 'Polk Salad Annie,' which Elvis also made famous, Groupie Girl was TJW's only UK hit. The lyrics are top-notch, and the music is just played in such a nice relaxed way.

'When The Clouds Have Passed': My latest crime thriller / murder mystery is now available on and by searching Books and Alan Burridge.

Friday, June 11, 2010

'Classical Gas' - Mason Williams: For a weekend treat, here are two versions of Mason Williams' fabulous acoustic guitar tour de force; which I would still like to have the ability to play; but sadly not. The first version
is all-acoustic, and the second version
is how it sounded on the 45. And yes, it's obvious he's miming on this one, but let's not spoil the moment.
A guitar genius working in a bar in Corralejo in the Canary Island of Fuerteventura had a book he passed through the audience. In it, were over 100 different tunes that he would play and / or add vocal accompanyment when required.
It surprised me when, at the end of the evening, I approached him to buy copies of his cassette, (yes, a few year's ago now), and asked why Mason Williams 'Classical Gas' was not in his repertoire; he told me that he had never heard of it.
This I found, and still do, very odd. Eric was / is a Dutchman, and it just surprises me that a bloke playing acoustic guitar had never heard of this brilliant piece.
His full name, from his cassettes, which I still proudly own, is Eric Sypestyn, and he played stuff like:- Bohemian Rhapsody (guitar and one voice, and it is amazing), Prince's When Doves Cry, a brilliant Air on a G-String (otherwise known as A Whiter Shade Of Pale), Stairway To Heaven, Whitenigger Blues, Losing My Religion etc. A great showman and character.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Guitar Man - Bread: Think You Tube has become my juke box lately, with some amazing songs there ready to be played rather than dig out a dusty and scratched old 45.
Bread did some bland pop tunes in their time, but for me, The Guitar Man has a great story in the lyrics, perfect guitar work in setting the scene, and is an all-time favourite.

Things are moving on regarding the 'When The Clouds Have Passed' crime thriller. I am hoping it will be uploaded onto and any day now, and then it will be all systems go.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

You Better Run: Despite also being the title of a Motorhead song on the 'March Or Die' album, the version by The Rascals from 1966 has nothing in common, and is just a great 60's crackly 45.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Living Above Your Head: Sometimes a song comes galloping into our head for no apparent reason. The Walker Brothers were huge in the 60's, and we saw them twice, I think, as part of package tours with other more rock 'n' roll friendly stars; like Jimi Hendrix.
But this song which returned like a boomerang, was made famous in the USA by Jay & The Americans, and The Walker Brothers did a cover of it - click the link and you can hear both.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

I'm In A Rock 'n' Roll Band: It was a bad omen when Jonathan Ross was announced as the compere, but the final show in this impeccable series was a shoddy disaster. Who dreamed up such a lacklustre idea where three twerps, (Al Murray, Martin Kemp and Suggs), spent 2 minutes convincing the nationwide TV audience to vote for Led Zeppelin, Queen, or The Beatles respectively. I think most already knew who their favourites were, without having to be told.
The Panel of 'experts' in Lauren Laverne, Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Copeland were a poor selection. The first two were hardly of 'world class rock band status' with a right to express an opinion, never mind sit on a panel like that.
And then the whole thing dissolved into a debacle of arguing fit only for a seedy backstreet pub; so I switched off and went to bed.
If they bother releasing the series on DVD, I only hope this live piece of BS is not included.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Salvager: Ever watched this on Discovery Shed? It's often on as 2 x 30 minute programmes between 6 and 7pm or 7 and 8pm. Rico Daniels, the presenter, makes furniture from salvaged wood, metal, glass etc; and it's quite fun to watch. Rico rides around the Essex countryside on an 8-cylinder trike, which looks to be a bit of a beast, wearing a leather flying helmet and goggles. He has no hair, just a massive if unkempt droop moustache, which catches in the breeze. From time to time, his helper, Donna, assists him. She's got blonde dreadlocks, and offers and extra pair of hands when necessary, or gets a fire going to burn the paint off some metalwork which Rico needs to use.
Despite the programmes having been made in 2004, they are a joy to see, and great that Rico still works, like I do, in feet and inches.
There has also been another series title 'Le Salvager,' where Rico is working from his residence in France, and is just as entertaining.
Alan Herd:
Anything on TV with master cabinet maker and carpenter, Alan Herd, is also a joy to see. He has been featured with Tommy Walsh on the 'Challenge Tommy' building and DIY programmes. Lately, he has been featured on a programme titled 'Restoration Man,' where he works with an antiques expert, named Eric Knowles; restoring old furniture, and again is a joy to watch. Alan also stars in another programme, 'Narrow Boat Afloat,' where he restored the rusty shell of an old barge to an up-and-running, top-of-the-range and habitable piece of kit. Both of these people are skilled woodworkers, but in very different ways, and if you appreciate watching craftsmen at work, they are a pleasure to watch.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

'When The Clouds Have Passed': The proof copy of the new book arrived yesterday, (today as far as this Blog is concerned, as it's 8 hours adrift from UK time), it looks excellent and I am thrilled with it. The final back cover blurb ended up as :-

After losing his wife, Fred Whistler's life is unfulfilled. He spends his time helping seven widows in a quiet village, with their gardens. After one of the old ladies dies, it is discovered that Fred is her sole beneficiary and he is charged with murder. However, other murders are discovered while he is in jail.
Despite his apparent innocence, Fred Whistler is still not off the hook, as this superb story of intrigue, murder and deceit unravels.

It will be uploaded onto Amazon UK and dot com in America within the next few days, so I have been told, and Sarmad will be adding links to the main AB site to tie in.
As menioned, it will also eventually be on this Kindle download site, but at present I'm not sure when?

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I'm In A Rock 'n' Roll Band: Is a high-point of interest on a Saturday evening on BBC 2 here in the UK, and is on their iplayer if you're elsewhere, or have missed them.
Lemmy has been featured in most episodes so far, delighting us with his observations and wit.
The 'Guitar Heroes At The BBC' programme which follows it has also pulled some great performances out of the archives; this week, 'Overkill' as performed on Top of the Pops in April 1979.
It was not only great seeing this gold nugget again, but the 'info-bubbles' which pop up at the bottom of the frame also told us how Jimmy Miller's record production expertise was in recording the drums.
So, now I know why Philthy's drum sound on that original track sounds so sparkly, sharp, and amazing.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Nashville Pussy: A great interview with some mentions of Motorhead, and some nice photos:
Mick Farren's: Doc 40 Blog is always worth a look. As reported earlier, he has announced that he is currently writing a 5th Victor Renquist story - praise be. Meanwhile, he included a witty observation to accompany an illustration on Doc 40, and I think most of us old rockers DO get the punchline: